The weather component allows you to display the actual future weather for the connected user location or one or many specific locations.


Number of weather per row

As you can choose to display many locations' weather the first setting is the number of tiles displayed in the row depending on the platform.

Add a city

Then you can choose the different cities:

Use the geolocalization of the connected user

Display the weather depending on the user's location. The first time the user will be on the page, his browser will ask him to consent to the usage of his location.

Use a city You can choose any city you want
City forecast - Have the precision for the next 6 days.
°F or °C - Choose the unity


Once you choose the option for the new location you can save it and it will be added in the Cities list.


There is no limit on the number of cities displayed. Only the space you have on your page.


Once you added all your cities, you need to click on Save to confirm the configuration.

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