Powell Teams release January 2023


User Management 

After focusing mainly on the management of teams, we now also cover user-centric issues. We provide a dedicated place in the admin center to centralize the most essential user information and simplify governance management.

Admins can now manage users and their rights in teams (team ownership or membership) and take actions on users (revoke or duplicate team access and grant it to other users) directly from a dedicated page. We offer scenarios for guest management, onboarding, and offboarding.

It is now here that you can manage your Powell Teams administrators.




Audit log

We strengthened product security and made it easier to use. On the page Activity logs, you can now see all actions taken by administrators which provides more clarity and helps better track changes.



Recommended teams

In addition to highlighting recommended teams on the dashboard, we're giving users an easier way to join those teams. Users can now request to join recommended private or public teams via the "Join the team" button.





New Filtering Options

We enable administrators to identify and filter information that is relevant to them, making the tool easier to use daily. We've provided new options to filter columns in Powell Teams tables better so you can find the desired information immediately. 




*Please note that for the next release (February), new Graph permission needs to be consented. This permission is required so that we can provide the ability to manage document provisioning in private channels. 

The permissions are the following: Files.ReadWrite.All

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