How to create a profile to restric application links


In the Powell apps, you can define a list of application links that redirect the user to a mobile page or a responsive page of your intranet.

But you can have the need to restrict some pages to a certain type of users.

To do it, nothing more easier, you need first to define some user profiles then associated this profile to your link. Let see how to do so.


Create a profile

The first step here is to create a profile that will gather your user in a same entity.

In the global setting of the mobile application interface, click on "Profiles"


It's here where you can define the list of your profile:


You can edit one in the board by clicking on the pencil or decide to create a new one by clicking on the "Create a profile" button.

In both case a panel is opened on the right to define your profile:


Azure AD group(s) selected


Profile property selected

The option to fill here are:

  • The title of your profile, to help you quickly find it when you will link it to an application link (we advice you to choose an easy name to recognized what kind of people the profile is gathering)
  • The description of the profile (displayed on the profile board, also an help to note what is behind this profile, the rules for example)
  • The rules, here you have 2 choices :
    • Define one or many azure AD group(s)
      • Type your AD group name then click on the + button to add it
      • Once you added all your azure ad groups, click on the Save button at the bottom to save the profile
    • Define one or many rule depending on a M365 Profile properties
      • Note that only properties available by the Graph User endpoint API can be used here. To learn how to create a custom property follow this standard MS documentation : Syncing extension attributes for Azure Active Directory Application Provisioning. Once the attribute is created, you can referenced it in the form, respecting the format: extension_appID_extensionName)
      • Select your operator and define your value to add (with the +" button) the rule
      • Once you added all your rules, click on the Save button at the bottom to save the profile

Associate a profile to an application link

In your settings of your application, in the navigation section you can define application links.

For each link you can choose to restrict the access to a certain profile. It's from there that you can use your created profile to define what kind of users are able to see the application link: 



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