Release 2023 - 3rd of February

Welcome to the February release! We are very proud to present you with the new features, and we hope you will love them!

Let's begin with a short overview:

Flexdesk : New great features on Flexdesk webpart.

Page translation improvements: Help contributors create and translate content in a standard page translation context.

Micro application in Microsoft Teams : Site owners can now create micro Teams apps directly in the portal settings. 

New Super Bowl seasonal theme: Embellish your portal with an additional theme.

Changes on title label in page translation and Powell variation : Better inform your users if a page has been automatically translated


We proudly announce many new options and ergonomy optimizations for our Flexdesk webpart.

You can now :

  • Zoom in on the map
  • See directly on a slot who have booked it (by displaying the people's picture in it)
  • Define tags and additional information to categorize your slots
  • In the map, filter the slots by tags to help you find the best one regarding your needs
  • For contributors, we made a huge redesign of the edition of the component to help them quickly create their map and add their slots or meeting rooms.


Just so you know, if you want to use the tag option, you need to resynchronize your Flexdesk - Desk list on your site. 

If you are using the standard Flexdesk site template, you need to resynchronize your entire web.

Page translation improvements

Choose your content language at the creation

In a page translation context, as a contributor, it could be difficult to know in which language you should contribute (as the source language of the site is forced by default).

With our Powell contribution form, you can now define in which language you want to create your content first and then decide to translate it.

So now, as a contributor with a different prefered language than the source one, in the page creation form, a "content-language" option will appear preselected in your language :


Note that if you create a language in a different language as the source, the source will be created by default as a draft. 

Edit your existing languages or translate into another language

In the second part of the creation, you can now choose to update your existing language (based on changes done to your current content) or translate into other languages :


Micro application in Microsoft Teams

Want to access micro tools such as Flexdesk or Carpooling site directly from the left menu in Teams? 

Nothing is easier than creating an app based on a site collection!

Until now, the feature was available only in Powell Manager, where on each site collection, you could create a Teams app package.

Today, you can find this option as a site collection owner directly from your portal in the site settings (Powell Wheel).



You can use this app package for yourself by adding it to your own application store. Or add it for your whole organization through the Microsoft Teams administration.

Superbowl seasonal theme

Attention American football fans, the moment you've all been waiting for is almost here! The Super Bowl is the biggest sports event of the year and will take place on Sunday, February 13th. Watch the best teams in the NFL compete for the championship.

Embellish your portal with the Superbowl theme to be on the game!



Changes on title label in Page translation and Powell variations

As announced last month, we now integrate a label in your pages' titles indicating that they have been duplicated or auto-translated.

When creating a page from the Powell Wheel in a site with Powell variations or SharePoint translations, you can duplicate or auto-translate your content to other languages.

To inform users that the page has been duplicated or auto-translated, a text will be added to the title of the duplicated/translated page. You can, of course, edit the page and remove this label after the creation. This change will be applied to both publishing and modern sites.

In case of duplication :

  • The label "(Duplicated from [SOURCE LANGUAGE])" will be added at the end of the title. The text will be added in the language from which the page has been created.
    • Example: You create a page from a French variation with French MUI and duplicate it to the English variation. The text added at the end of the title in the English news will be in French "(Dupliqué à partir de French)."


In case of translation :

  • The label "(Automatically translated into [TARGET LANGUAGE])" will be added at the end of the title. The text will be added in the target language of the page.
    • Example: You create a page from a French variation and translate it to the English variation. The text that will be added at the end of the title in the English news will be in English "(Automatically translated into English)."



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