Promoted search result

As an enterprise, you can define links that will be promoted depending on the user's search: Manage enterprise bookmarks (needs tenant admin rights).


When a user does a search targeting one keyword, the associated bookmark will be displayed.

You can now use the new "Promoted search result" webpart in a search result page (linked to the global search box) or can be linked to a search box webpart

It can be found in our catalogue's Contextualization > Content search category.


Configuration of the component

Only one display exists today for the component but you can define the following options :

Maximum number of items to display: The total number of results that will be fetch

Item's number per row: The number of item that you want to display per line and depending on the device (mobile, tablet, desktop, large screen)


If you want to link this webpart to a search box in the page, you can find it in the configuration of the search box webpart, "Connect to" part (Search box documentation):

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