Release 2023 - December 8th

Dear Powell Intranet users,

We're excited to unveil a new version to enhance your intranet management experience.

❓If you have any questions about this release, you can ask here. 🙋

Here's a quick overview of what will be available after the December 8th:


✍️ For Contributors

  1. New Webpart: The Advanced Organizational Chart is available

  2. Contribution : Scheduled posts for Deskless workers and notification-focused content

  3. Contribution : In the context of Sharepoint translation, to be able to duplicate content in another language when editing.

  4. Members: Add a pagination to List view

  5. Search: The search query builder is now available in front ⭐
  6. Webpart editing : Limit the availability of the pagination control to widget views that actually utilize it

👪 For everyone

  1. Favorites (Personal and Global): Manage the translation of items in the webparts

  2. Flexdesk: We now display the same map and features on mobile as in the desktop view ⭐
  3. For Deskless workers in mobile applications: The content can now be displayed only in the user language.
  4. Orion toolbox: You can now include all the new options in this header. Will be added in the default one at the next release ⭐

🧙 For administrators 

    1. Powell Manager: We deleted the "save page in site structure" option. 

👑 For Powell Intranet Advanced SKU only

  1. Powell Buddy:

  2. Virtual Building Map builder: By adding a room on the map, you can now choose the shape and the texture/color


🎨 Design improvements

  1. Webpart catalog: Some UI improvements have been made to display the preview/select button better for ready-to-use webparts

  2. Additional theme:  "New year" theme has been updated for 2024! ⭐


❗ Important announcements

  1. New Azure AD Powell Intranet Application: Important information to know about major changes on our Azure AD application

  2. New Accessibility report - Thanks to our customers who help us improve our scores
  3. Partnership - We are proud to announce a new Partnership with 


✍️ For Contributors

⭐ New Webpart: The Advanced Organizational Chart is available !⭐

Exciting news! We've just rolled out the Advanced Organizational Chart Webpart, a powerful addition to streamline your understanding of your company's structure.

What this new webpart can do :

  1. Clear Overview: Easily visualize your organization's hierarchy to better grasp reporting structures.

  2. Smart Search: Quickly find team members by name, title, or department, enhancing efficiency.

  3. Individual Focus: Dive into detailed profiles with a single click to view user Profile Cards

  4. Interactive Navigation: Zoom, collapse, and expand sections for a customized and dynamic viewing experience

  5. Settings: You can define the number of sublevels to be displayed by default, up to 4. If there is no direct report for the displayed user, the user's direct manager and colleges will be


📖 Related documentation

Contribution - Scheduled posts for Deskless workers and notification-focused content

In the last update, we introduced a new method for scheduling your content publication within the Powell contribution.

Now, we've taken it up a notch. You can:

  • Schedule notifications to be sent at the publication date.
  • Make it accessible for your deskless workers as of the publication date.

Contribution - In the context of Sharepoint translation, be able to duplicate content in another language when editing.

You can now manage variations when editing content in the SharePoint Translation context. After confirming the content in the initial phase, the second part is presented, showcasing all language variation options.


Members - Add a pagination to List view

The Members webpart now supports pagination for the People List view.


Search - The search query builder is now available in front

The Query Builder, previously exclusive to Powell Manager for constructing search webpart queries, is now accessible in the front-end.

When you modify your query, you can use the builder to locate all existing search queries. You can filter by content type, site template, item type, and specific path!

Click "Add filter" to incorporate the desired filter into your existing query. Additionally, for content types and site templates, you can include or exclude the specified element from the query.


Webpart editing - Limit the availability of the pagination control to widget views that use it

The pagination control will now only appear in widget views that can utilize it, enhancing clarity within web part editing panels.

👪 For everyone

Favorites (Personal and Global) - Manage the translation of items in the webparts

In the Personal and Global Favorites web parts, within the SharePoint Translation context, applications will consistently appear based on the current page language.

If a user adds an application to the source language version, it will be displayed on all existing variation pages.

Clicking on the "Manage App" button in Business applications will provide the user with a catalog of all applications filtered by the current language.


           ( Within an FR page, only FR versions of the application are displayed and managed.)

Flexdesk -Showcases the identical map and features on both mobile and desktop views

Based on your feedback, we've made changes to the Flexdesk Mobile map to mirror the desktop version, ensuring a consistent and intuitive experience across platforms.

            ( Office map displayed in Mobile ) 

         ( Booking an office in Flexdesk mobile) 

For Deskless workers in mobile applications - The content can now be displayed only in the user language.

Now, you have the capability to filter deskless content to align with the user's language preferences. This enhancement ensures a more personalized and compliant experience for users based on their language settings.

Navigate to the page builder section on your mobile app space and edit the page that includes a Frontline Search web part. After editing, you can include a custom filter to refine the content based on the user's language. Choose : 

Property = ContentLcid
Operator = equal
and Value = [UserTags.Languages].

  • doc.gif


After completion, your content will be presented to users in the following sequence:

  1. During the initial connection, the default language will still be displayed.
  2. Subsequently, we automatically check, in order:
    • The preferred language, if it exists.
    • The mobile language.

Orion toolbox - New options inside the header

The Orion Toolbox header is set to receive an update, incorporating the latest options from recent headers:

  1. The contribute button is relocated from the settings and will now be situated within the wheel for easier access by contributors.

  2. All settings options will undergo a revamp to align with those found in the One Bar Tools header, ensuring a consistent user experience.

Note that this update will be made by default inside the Orion Toolbox header for the next release 

🧙 For administrators 

Powell Manager - "Save page in site structure" is no longer available 

We've made managing page synchronization easier by removing the "Save page in site structure" option. Moving forward, every page will be automatically impacted in the site structure during synchronization, eliminating the need to check an option.

👑 For Powell Intranet Advanced SKU only

Powell Buddy in contribution form - Using Dall-E 3 to generate images

With the integration of DALL-E 3, you now have access to enhanced image generation capabilities. Choose the format (square, landscape, portrait) and style (natural, vivid) that best suits your preferences.


Powell Buddy in Text webpart - Generate content in your pages from the text content webpart

In the latest release, the Text web part is now compatible with Powell Buddy usage. You can leverage Powell Buddy for intelligent content generation to produce dynamic text content within the Text web part.


Virtual Building - Map builder

We've enhanced the room creation process, allowing you to select the shape and color of your various spaces in just few clicks.

🎨 Design improvements

Webpart catalog - UI improvements on ready-to-use webparts selection

We've revamped the presentation of the Preview/Select button on the Ready to Use catalog to ensure a more cohesive design that aligns with other tiles.

The preview button still allows you to see how the webpart will look like on your site.

Furthermore, the Select button still enables you to add the web part to your page seamlessly.

Additional theme - "New year" theme has been updated for 2024!

As the new year approaches, you can celebrate it with your colleagues on the intranet by choosing the "Happy New Year" additional theme!



❗ Important announcements

New Azure AD Powell Graph API

We inform you of an important update regarding our Azure AD application "Powell-GraphAPI".
We have redesigned our architecture and this change requires action to re-consent a new Azure AD application "Powerll Intranet".

To ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruptions, we have planned the following steps:

  • Today: We are sending you this notification to inform you of the situation and let you understand the next steps.
  • Starting on December 8th, 2023, you will be able to select the new Azure AD Powell Intranet Graph API application from Powell Manager and consent to it with your tenant Administrator account.
  • Starting January 5, 2024, An alert message will be displayed on your intranet dashboard, visible only to administrators. This message will guide you through an automated consent procedure to facilitate the consent of the new Azure AD App "Powell Intranet".
  • From June 2024: The Azure AD application "Powell-GraphApi" will be permanently removed. We highly recommend following the consent procedure to ensure uninterrupted service continuity.

This transition is essential to maintain the quality of our services following these architectural changes. We want to assure you that all measures have been taken to minimize the impact on your daily operations.

Here is a documentation explaining the migration process
🔎 Migrating the Azure AD App "Powell-GraphApi"


Please be aware that the migration made do not impact Powell's permissions; instead, they constitute a revalidation of those rights subsequent to the migration.

We understand that this may raise questions or concerns, which is why our technical team and customer service will be available to assist you at every stage of the process.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this process. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our technical support team, who will be happy to assist you.

New Accessibility report

We updated our WCAG report based on our latest changes done about the accessibility. We are now about 80% for WCAG AA and 60% about WCAG AAA.

Find the complete report on our Helpdesk - Trust center :


Wall.IO - New Partnership

Social media APIs are constantly evolving: X, Instagram, YouTube, ...

We are proud to announce our partnership with Wall IO that will be dedicated to maintaining these developments.

  • Native integration into Powell Intranet pages via multiple views is possible
  • 14 possible platforms for less than 200€/month.


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