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We are thrilled to share with you that Powell Teams is now Powell Governance, marking our expanded focus on Microsoft 365!

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Expect documentation to be reflect this change in the coming days. For more information, please have a look at this article.


Powell Governance Administrators create naming conventions in the template creation form or the "Naming convention" in the governance section. In this section, you can modify them afterward. In the menu, go to the "Governance" section and click on "Naming convention" to open the list. 


The list shows all existing naming conventions in one place and gives all the necessary information to administrators. 


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Add a new naming convention. 

Click on "Add a new naming convention" to create one. Read about how naming conventions are created and assigned to a template in Team template settings or SharePoint site settings.



Configuring the naming convention 

To identify the naming convention, give your naming convention a title. Then you can add the rules to define your convention.




"Select a rule" does have four options in the dropdown menu. 

  1. Tag's value: add a tag to the naming convention.
  2. Automatic number assignment: add a number that will be automatically incremented with every workspace created using the template with which this naming policy is assigned.
  3. Workspace name: add the Team name of a user filled in the workspace creation form.
  4. String: add static text.

Tag's value 

Click into the search box to get all existing tags. The tags are sorted in alphabetical order. Choose an available tag from the list or create a new one. 




Read more information regarding the type of tags, tag creation, and management Manage Tags and Refiners.


Automatic number assignment

An automatic number assignment rule increments a number with every workspace created with this template. 




Workspace name

A user enters a "Workspace name in the workspace creation process." This rule adds this name to the naming convention. 

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Read more in "Create a new workspace." 



Type a text and click "Add" to add the string to the naming convention.



Use String-Rules to add characters like "-" between different rules to achieve better readability for the name.


Powell Governance gives you a preview of the configured naming convention. 


Example: final result where all four rules were used. In the screenshot, the first two are tags that we added. An automatic number assignment is placed next, followed by a team name, and finally by an assigned text "MYPROJECT." When users create a team using this naming convention in a template, their Team name will correspond to the screenshot except for "Workspace name" and the current number of created workspace.

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To choose the order of the rules, drag and drop the options until you have configured the naming convention to be used.


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Manage existing naming conventions

Naming conventions are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the settings wheel icon or the delete recycle bin icon to modify and update a naming convention. 


Click delete and confirm the confirmation prompt to remove the naming convention—all templates that used the naming convention return to "None" in their naming convention setting.







To modify the naming convention, click the settings icon. 


You see the title of the naming convention and the rules that have been applied to it. You can give it a different name or apply different rules. You can delete the rules that have been used or rearrange them. 


You see the list of templates associated with this naming convention. In those templates, this naming convention is used.  


To check the template, click on the title of the template. You are redirected to the template's settings. 


After editing your naming convention click "SAVE" to save your changes. 


For example, the naming convention with the title "Agile Squad" is used in one template: the "R&D Agile Squad" template. Your modifications to the naming convention are automatically active in this template.


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Update your naming conventions
The list of templates associated with your naming conventions



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