Approval workflows


Approval workflow allows users to control the team creation.


In the section "Approval workflow", in the template settings,  you can add approvers who will have to authorize the team creation. Selected approvers, will receive a request for the team creation which they can approve or decline. You can select the direct manager of the user as approver for team creation.


If the manager is not found in the AD, then all Powell Teams administrators 
are designated as approvers for the team creation.

People selected as approvers are not mandatorily administrators or team members. They can simply be approvers who review the team information and authorise the creation. 


The rule when you set multiple approvers is : The first person who validates or refuses the team creation will perform the action for all other approvers. Hence, the request will not be visible for other approvers.


Managing Requests

There are two ways two manage approval requests: 

  1. Through the User dashboard in the notification bell
  2. Through the page "Pending approvals" as a Powell Teams administrator in the administration center


Notification page in the user dashboard

If you are selected as an approver or you have requested a team creation, the team creation requests will appear on the user dashboard in your list of notifications.



The approval tab will display the list of teams that require your approval in order to be created. To approve or decline a team, click on the "edit" button next to each team request. 

Capture d'écran 2023-12-14 150117.png

You will need to review the information about the team and click "accept" or "decline".
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My requests 

For the teams that you have requested, you have an actual status informing you whether the team was approved or declined. You can click the "eye" icon to see the details of your team creation request.

The list of requests will display the team's template name, creation date, and the name of the author.

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Review the team name, template name, privacy status, classification, tags, team owners/members and accept or decline the request. 


When you accept/decline the team creation request, the requester receives a notification informing him if his team is authorised or not.

Retry of team creation after an approval decline


When a team creation requestor has his approval request declined, he can restart a new team creation with all initial information prefilled. 

Capture d'écran 2023-12-14 150410.png 

As a Powell Teams administrator

​As a Powell Teams administrator, you have access to all pending requests in the administration section and you can approve or decline a request for all pending requests.


Go to the menu, then to Manage your teams, and then to the Pending approvals page.

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Pending approval page

On the page "Pending Approvals"  there are two tabs: 

  • A first one that displays all the pending approvals of your tenant
  • A second one displaying the past requests
Capture d'écran 2023-12-14 150729.png

To access team details, click on the edit button next to each request. Review the team information and accept or decline the request. 


As mentioned, Powell Teams administrators can approve/decline requests for all approvers, even if the approver is chosen to be a different person. The name of a person who approves/declines the request will be listed as an approver in the "Past requests" list. If a Powell Teams administrator approves the request, the approval request will disappear from the request list of other approvers. 


If you want to cover more complex scenarii with approval workflows, you can built you own flow with Powell Teams automation. Here is an exemple of a 2 steps approval flow.

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