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Frequently asked question (FAQ) pages help your organization respond to the needs of your employees more quickly and appropriately. An effective FAQ page can educate, inform, and guide users through your website's content. 

On the Powell Intranet FAQ page, you will find the most relevant and frequently asked questions for employees, along with the corresponding answers. 





The summary section on the left side filters different questions according to related departments: Communication, Finance, Human Resources, IT. However, more filters can be added in Powell Manager if needed.

For example, if you click "Communication" in the summary section, the section on the right will display questions and answers related to that specific department.

You can also click the  + sign for each department to view questions and corresponding answers.

On this page, you can see two web parts. The first is a title web part that displays the page's title: "Welcome to the Frequently asked questions." If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, go to the page "Title" to see how to configure this web part. 

The section below with a summary and questions and answers is a content search web part with a specific configuration and display. 

If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, go to the page "content search" that will walk you through the various displays this web part can have. 

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