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This page will guide you during your first steps on the app. We advise you to start using Powell Teams with our core features detailed step by step on this page.

Create your first template

Now that Powell Teams is ready to use on your tenant, you can configure your very first template. You can consult the dedicated article to create it. But first, we advise your to start with a tag and a naming convention that you will use within this first template.


Create a tag

To access the administrator back office, click on the following button on the user dashboard:


Tags are used for the team classification. When Powell Teams Administrators create templates, they can add tags. Templates make it easy for users to find teams on the user dashboard.
To access "Tags," click "Menu," "Global administration," and then "Tags."


For a first tag, we advise your to create a "Location" tag. It will allow you to classify your teams according to their location.

Click "Create a new tag".


To create a new tag, give the tag a name, choose a tag type from the dropdown menu.

For your location tag, we will have to choose a "choice" tag.


You can use each tag as a refiner in the user Dashboard. Click the checkbox "Use this tag as a refiner in the user dashboard." Read the Welcome page for more information on how refiners appear on the user dashboard and search for teams using filters.

Click "SAVE" to save your tag and return to the Tag list.

New tags are added to the tag list and will appear in search as you tag teams or create tags for the naming convention in the template.

If you want more details about tags, consult this page


Create a naming convention (optional)

To complete your future template configuration, you can use a naming convention. It will allow you to force the team created with your template to be named in a certain way.
Powell Teams Administrators create naming conventions in the template creation form or in "Naming convention" in the administration section. In this section, you can modify them afterward. Click "Menu" - "Global administration" - "Naming convention" to open the list.
The list shows all existing naming conventions in one place and gives administrators all the necessary information.


Click on  "Add a new naming convention" to create one. Read about how naming conventions are created and assigned to a template in Team template settings.

To identify the naming convention, give your naming convention a title. Then you add the rules to define your naming.


You should select a tag in "Select a rule" to use your new "Location" tag in your naming convention. You will find it in the search bar.

Add also a Team name rule in this naming convention. A user enters a "Team name in the Team creation process." This rule adds this name to the naming convention. 

Your new naming convention will be composed of your location tag and a free text available for a user during the team creation made with it.

Here you can find all the information concerning the naming convention.


Create your first template

Before creating your template in Powell Teams, you need to create a team in Microsoft Teams with proper channels and tabs. You will then use your Microsoft team as a model for your template in the template creation form. It is crucial; Powell Teams templates are based on reference teams to prepopulate channels, tabs, additional configurations, or members.

Open the template list page :

Click on “Create Template” to open the template creation form.


The form does include three steps:

  1. General Information
  2. Select a team's template
  3. Team's settings

Give your template a title and description on the "General Information" tab. The title and description of the template will be visible to users when they choose a template during the team creation process. The template information URL can guide users to use the template. It will be displayed during team creations.



Next step is to select an existing team from the list of teams available for you.


Select the team you want to use for your template. Use the search bar to find the required Microsoft Team team.


After your selection, click on Next.
In Team's settings, you choose which components of the existing Team you want to add to the Powell Teams template. Mark the checkboxes of Applications, Settings, Members, or Tabs to add them to your Template. Channels are always mandatory.


Click “Create Template” to create the template. 


Now that your template is created, you can edit it for the next part! Click "Show Template Details"


Add your tag, naming convention, and privacy configuration to your template.

Add your naming convention.

Click on the "Governance" toggle, Click on the radio button "Use an existing one," and choose the naming policy from the drop-down list. Every naming convention created is available in this list. You will select your new naming convention based on the location.


Add your tag 

You categorize teams by adding tags to the template. Users can use these tags as refiners on the user dashboard. You can now add the tag you just created to your team's template:

Users can choose tags from the dropdown list or keep the default values during the team's creation process. 

When you add a tag in your naming convention, it appears automatically. 

In "Categorize your teams with tags," you define default values. Users can change values during the team creation process. 


Mandatory: Click the Checkbox "Mandatory" to define any tag as mandatory. Every user choosing a mandatory tag is obliged to choose a value for this tag. Tags not set as mandatory are allowed to have empty values. 

Hidden for users: Administrators can hide some tags associated with a team template to use these tags only when needed. 

Privacy setting

Define the privacy setting for teams created based on this template

  • To create private teams, only choose the option "Private."
  • To create public teams, select the option "Public".
  • To give users a choice during the team creation process, select "Let the user choose."


Congratulations! Your template is now ready to use and includes a tag, a naming convention, and has an appropriate privacy configuration.


Invite users to create their team with your new template

This is now the time to test your template with real users. Gather your Beta tester team and ask them to create teams with your template.

See Powell Teams for employees section


Next steps

See the Powell Teams for administrators section to discover all the additional additional advanced features  



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