How to generate a custom Android package

What you need before starting

Step 1: Create a Firebase project

Go to

Step 1 : Sign in

Step 2 : Create a new project by following these steps




Step 3 : Create a new Android app by clicking on the Android icon in the dashboard



Step 4 : Register the app and download the “google-services.json” file


NB : Keep the google-services.json file it will be needed in the Powell Manager configuration if you want to enable the notification

Step 5 (optional - For notification only) : Get the Server key of your application 

  1. Go to “Project Settings” under “Cloud Messaging”, To retrieve the server key, you must activate the service "Cloud Messaging API (legacy), by default it is disabled (see the 3 small points).
    Once activated, it will be possible to recover the server key and copy your Server Key​.




2. Generate a .keystore file to sign your application: Sign your app or Visual Studio

  • If you possess a .jks file, it is necessary to convert it into a .keystore file. Below is the command to execute within a terminal. Prior to that, make sure you have keytool or Android Studio installed.
    • keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore <alias>.jks -destkeystore <alias>.keystore -srcstorepass <password> -deststorepass <password>
  • /!\ If this is not done, rename the file to the name of the alias: "alias.keystore".
  • /!\ Avoid including special characters in your password.

Final step: Fill the information in Powell Manager

Open your application and go to the "Android Setting" tab.

  • Enable the Android configuration 
    • Select your Android splash screen color



  • Then you should dowload the certificate and fill the related password


  • The following "Notifications" block is optional and used only if you enabled Notifications. You must define :
    • On-field “Google service key” enter your firebase server key copied previously in step 1 
    • Upload your “google-services.json” file


  • The final step is about the asset of the app (splash screen and logo files). You have 2 options :
    • Upload only one file (all other sizes will be generated)
    • Upload all the sizes needed (see the board with all needed sizes)


Needed sizes for Splashscreen Needed sizes for icon
  • 200*320
  • 320*480
  • 480*800
  • 720*1280
  • 960*1600
  • 1280*1920
  • 36*36
  • 48*48
  • 72*72
  • 96*96
  • 144*144
  • 192*192​​


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