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The "Ready-to-Use Intranet - Department" template includes everything needed to start a site for a department.

  • A navigation section to quickly access department content
  • A news section to share department activities
  • A focus section to highlight important information
  • A contact section with the people in charge of the department site
  • A quick-access section to share important links to subsections of the department or 3rd party applications 
  • A document library to store important documents to share with the company



Site configuration

All the settings for the site configuration are accessible from one place by clicking the site configuration button at the top right of the Department homepage. This button is only visible for site owners (SharePoint right)


From the site configuration page, you will have access to:


It also contains relevant information about the site usage (site analytics section) and a content change audit section to check the recent content changes (who created or edited the content) in the site.




Manage content (news & documents)

To get access to the news & document management, you need to click on the see more button on each section on the homepage.


When you click on the see more button, you will access the complete repository, where you will find all your news or documents

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