Introduction to site templates

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Powell Intranet offers many site templates for the SharePoint Modern experience. They allow you to quickly deploy an intranet portal without the need to understand the technical features hidden behind it. It is also a source of inspiration for advanced users with SharePoint skills since they can quickly start without a blank page.  

The templates are divided into different categories depending on the needs.

  • Ready-to-use Intranet templates
  • Standalone templates

Ready-to-use Intranet templates

The Ready-to-Use Intranet templates are a set of Powell Intranet templates that aggregate the most used Powell Intranet features. They are built to be ready-to-go templates without spending time in post-configuration. The templates work together, and when you deploy them, the final result is a complete intranet ready to be used.

You can find the list of ready-to-use intranet templates here.

Key points

Standalone templates

Compared to the ready-to-use intranet templates that aggregate multiple features in one site,  the standalone templates only include one functionality per site. It is instrumental when you need to extend your portal with dedicated features in a few clicks or as an advanced user to understand how a feature is built to include it in a custom template.

you can find the list of the standalone templates here


Deploying the templates will only take you a couple of minutes with Powell Manager.

Note: you need to have access to Powell Manager and an appropriate role.

The simplest way is to use the site collection creation wizard in Powell Manager and create one site collection per template.


  • The Ready-to-Use Intranet - Department template is designed to be deployed multiple times. So you can deploy one for each of the company's departments.
  • The templates are currently fully translated into English & French. You will need to clone the template & update the page translations for other languages.
  • The Ready-to-Use Intranet templates can be deployed with default content (in English) for demo purposes or testing.


Global configuration

Manage access

To manage the access to your site, you will use the Share Site feature from Microsoft SharePoint:

Site theme

Powell Intranet provides a theme feature that allows you to share the same design across your portal quickly. As a site owner, you will be able to edit and configure it: Theme – Help Center - Powell Software (

Top navigation

Powell Intranet provides top navigation to connect your site based on templates in a unified way where matter where you are in the portal. As a site owner, you will be able to edit and configure it:  Navigation bar and customizations – Help Center - Powell Software (


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