The "Kudos" webpart lets you praise company employees for their achievements. You can give Kudos to your colleagues from the Powell Intranet portal to the Wall of Kudos.

This will create more engagement for employees and make them feel valued at work. It'll permit you to give recognition to your coworkers for their work.

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Note: Kudos are defined in the Gamification center template by an space administrator. The Gamification center is required to use this web part.


How does it work?

HR managers define kudos sent by/to users in the Gamification center.

For example, you want to give Kudos to Marc for teamwork. To give Kudos, click the icon displayed on the web part. 

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You will select a person you want to give kudos to. When a user sends a Kudo to someone, he can include a personal message attached to the Kudo received.

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The selected person will receive a Kudo in a Teams conversation with the personal message. He will also be able to see all the kudos he received on his Gamification profile page.

Deploy from Sharepoint

To add the Kudo web part to Sharepoint, follow the introduction to deploy it on your page.

No settings are required. Thanks to the Gamification center, it'll directly display the available Kudos and allow you to give them to your colleagues.


Deploy from Powell Manager

Follow the step-by-step guide below to add our Kudo web part through Powell Manager.


First of all, you'll have to go to the page where you want to add the web part.

To do so, you have to go to your site settings and select (or create) the page where you want to add it.


You can do so by selecting "Powell Intranet" in the Powell Manager navigation bar. Then select the "Design" section, and click "Sites" under the "SharePoint templates" list.


Then you can click the "edit" button of the site, which contains the page where you want to add your web part, or create a new one by clicking on the "Create a new site template."



After this step, you'll be redirected to the following page, where you will be able to manage your site pages by selecting "Pages" in the left navigation.



We can now pursue the page edition to add the Kudo web part. You can either "Create a new page" or edit one that's already been created.

This feature is a simple web part that can be added to your page, so it can be integrated as a new element to your page.



If you decide to create a new page or edit one, you'll be redirected to the page edition.

At the bottom of this page, you have the page components shown depending on how you've decided to add some rows and elements. 

You have to click on "Add a web part" depending on where you want to have your Kudo web part.


A pop-in will open, displaying the list of available widgets.
Click the "Powell Intranet" section from the top navigation.
You have two options: you can either search the word "Kudo" from the search bar on the top of the pop-in or click the "+" button to search for it on the "Powell Intranet" section. 
A pop-in that opens will give you the opportunity, in the "Edit mode section," to set one element, to configure this web part before deploying it.

You have to fill the form with the site url of your Gamification Center so the web part can access all the data it needs. 


And when you're done, you can save your web part by clicking on the "save" button under your form.


If you're finished with your page configuration, synchronize it (if you have enough rights to do so) to make it available on your site.
Click the "save" button on the top of the page, then click the "sync" button to deploy it.
A pop-in will open, letting you configure your deployment as you wish.  Then, click the "save" button at the bottom.
A warning message will appear for you to validate and make sure you have configured the deployment correctly. 
Please make sure to check it before pursuing it.
Then, you can click the "save" button, and the page will be synchronized to your site with your brand new web part.
You're now done adding this web part to your site; you can now enjoy our features!
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