Install and start with Powell Governance

We are thrilled to share with you that Powell Teams is now Powell Governance, marking our expanded focus on Microsoft 365!

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Expect documentation to be reflect this change in the coming days. For more information, please have a look at this article.


You will learn in this section how to start with Powell Governance . Before starting with your Powell Governance installation, please check that you meet all the Powell Governance prerequisites.

And then follow the next steps:

Install Powell Governance

Open Microsoft Teams application and click on "Apps" at the bottom of the left side menu. Search for "Powell Governance" in the search bar.



Open the card and click on "Add" to install the application



You can also directly go to to start the installation process.


Launch Health Check snapshot

Now that the application has been installated, open Powell Governance.

Click on "Launch my Health Check"



On this page, Powell Governance requires 2 permission consents made by a global Microsoft 365 administrator. The consent link can be shared easily.Step


The access management for Powell Governance is splited into two kind of authentications for a maximum level of security:

  •  Default permissions:  there are the rights used by the connected users to the application.  All actions are done by the connected user rights it will ensure that they will only see what they can see in Microsoft 365 and they will be able to perform actions only based on the rights you set in Microsoft 365. This is the minimum access management required by Powell Governance.
  • Advanced permissions:  there are the rights used by the Powell Governance application itself.  It will allow the Powell Governance application to execute reports and analytics on your Microsoft Teams environment to give you insights & recommendations on the actions to perform.  We strongly recommend to validate this right to have a complete overview of your Microsoft Teams environment. In other cases you will only see information about the teams you manage.

To learn more about the rights we use with Powell Governance, please check the section: Manage Authentication & Admin consent

After click on "Launch my Health Check" to start the scan of your tenant and get your snapshot results.


You now have access to a complete range of KPIs and governance tips for your Microsoft Teams environment. Understand the potential risks & issues and identify what can be corrected or improved during your free trial period. 


Start your free trial

Now that you have a better idea of your environement health, a trial can help you to start corrections on your tenant.

To start free a Powell Governance trial, click on "Request my free trial" on top of the page or at the bottom of your dashboard.



Check the information prefilled and complete the trial form



Congratulations! You will be recontacted soon and your trial will be activated.

After the activation, you will have access to the complete version of Powell Governance for 15 days. You will be able to start to build you first policies and correct issues: First steps with Powell Governance.


Deploy Powell Governance to your end-users

In the admin menu (Microsoft Teams administration center), click on "Setup policies", select the "Global (Org-Wide default)" and then "Add apps" to add the Powell Governance app to the pinned apps for all users in your tenant. Save the updated policy once Powell Governance is pinned.


The Powell Governance app will be available to all users in the Teams environment once the Teams Policy is applied (it can take some time to be taken into account) by Microsoft on users' devices. 


Now that you completed have access to the trial, you can start to build you first policies and correct issues: First steps with Powell Governance.

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