Release - 14th of October


Welcome to the October release! We are very proud to present the new features, and we hope you will love them!

Let's begin with a short overview:


New Halloween seasonal theme

A new Halloween theme is now available as a seasonal theme! 

As usual, you can set it in the Settings of your SharePoint site. Go to Manage the theme, and pick Halloween as the additional seasonal theme.


Here's a quick view of what it looks like; it's spine-chilling. 


More is about to come; please check our newsletter to suggest seasonal themes of your choice.

Additionnaly, we propse you to come up with your own seasonal theme and send us your ideas! 

Adoption report πŸ“ˆ

Discussions done on the portal

A new web part will be available, displaying all the discussions on your portal, filtered by periods. You can select different sites as sources.


See the complete documention : Discussion report

 This is part of a set of wbepart for portal adoption :

Contribution Experience

New display for taxonomy fields

In the contribution, the taxonomy fields now have a new display, more modern and ergonomic.



Better display the image preview

On the contribution, when your content has an image selector, it will now display your image at its proper ratio. This way, you will have a better view of the accurate display of your image. 



Administration experience

Search webpart configuration

- Help to choose manage properties (depending on what is available in the current tenant)

- Help to choose sortable properties (depending on what is available in the current tenant)


End user experience

Language switcher on the mobile display

The mobile display will now have a language switcher ( No screen yet ) 


Kudo's deletion 

Allow users to delete Kudo they received on the Kudo's wall. 



πŸ“ƒ Documentation πŸ“ƒ


Social network wall

We've heard about your enthusiasm for the social wall and received a lot of feedback for Documentation. Here it is!





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