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New to Powell Intranet? Click here for the full product overview. 

Check also the overview of Powell Intranet platforms for marketing and communications.


The Powell Intranet News Hub is a perfect way to easily manage corporate communication. It allows sharing of company news content across the organization in a meaningful and discoverable way.  

All existing company news will be displayed on this page. Moreover, Powell search capabilities will allow employees to filter the news based on their interests. 




The section in the middle is a content-search web part displaying the list of all published company news. News is presented on news cards that are using tagging capabilities, which later allows users to easily find the desired content. 

If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how to configure this web part on the page Content search and see all the various actions and displays that come along with it. 



People in the IT department need to know about new technologies or applications that are related to their IT practices.  They can filter the content that is relevant and important to them by selecting the right department filter on the refiner. 

To find desired content, they can either use the search tab, which is a search-box web part or they can use the refiners on the left which is a refiner web part and can be completely configurable according to the company's needs. 

If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how to configure the search tab on the page Search-box, and the refiners on the page Refinements


The last section on the page displays three web parts; all displaying news from different sources. 

Twitter and Facebook are external-connector web parts. They are displaying communication from the company's Twitter and Facebook pages. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how to configure these two web parts, on the pages Twitter and Facebook

The "most viewed" web part is a content-search web part that was configured to display company content coming from different places, such as both the company news hub and the youtube channel. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how to configure this web part on the page content search


Content Management

Finally, Intranet contributors can create news directly from the page through a "Create a news" button, which is a button web part. If you are a standard user, you will not be able to see this button. 


Contributors can create standard news as well as news with notifications. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, and you want to see how to create news, both with notifications or without, check the following pages:

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