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This page displays classified advertisements for company employees. 

Advertisements are listed on ad cards with product descriptions, price, and the creation date. Moreover, each ad is using tags, which will make it easier for users to filter the ads. If a particular ad interests you, you can click on it and access more detailed information along with contact details. 

You can search ads using the search box and the refiner on the left. Refiner filters content according to Categories and the Created date.

The refiner on the example shown, offers three different categories of ads, however more categories can be created from Powell Manager.




The search tab is a search-box web-part, while the refiner panel is a refinement web-part. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how to configure these two web parts on the pages Search-box and the Refinements

Employees can create new classified advertisements and manage the content they have created directly from the page. Users can create a new ad in seconds through the button  "create a new ad." If they want to manage already-created ads afterward, they can do so via the "manage my ads" button. Both these buttons are button web parts, that are configured to perform different actions. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how to configure this web part on the page Button under the widgets section. 

All classified advertisements created will be displayed with the content-search web-part with the display of advertisement tiles. This web part is particularly advantageous to show all kinds of content on your Intranet portal. If you are a contributor 👩‍🌾,  you can check how to configure this web part, on the page content search


Manage content

create a new advertisement

Click the "New advertisement +" button to access a classified advertisements creation form. 

  • Language: select in which language you want to publish the content (you can select both EN and FR options)
  • Title: Give a title to your ad
  • Price: Indicate the price
  • Main picture: upload the cover picture. You can simply drag and drop it.


  • Additional Picture 1/2: upload different pictures for your ad


  • Contact: Indicate a person to contact if anyone is interested in the ad
  • Description: Description of the ad/product
  • Categories: Choose from the dropdown list a category that fits the ad.


  • Options
  1. none
  2. from another language
  3. to other languages


If you created your content in english , you can translate automatically all the content in french in seconds. Then click on the FR button to access the French version.

  • Review the information and click publish.

Manage My Ads

As you click on the "MANAGE MY ADS" button, all existing classified advertisements will be displayed with an edit button. 

The "edit" button will permit you to modify the ad. 

modify my ads

For ex: You want to modify the ad "Death Star Kitchen Timer". 

  • Click "edit."
  • The classified advertisements form will appear.
  • Make your modifications and click "publish."



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