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Event-Hub has been particularly designed to leverage important company information in an easy and accessible way.  Event organizers will be able to publish all kinds of activities including but not limited to new training sessions, webinars, and conferences. 

These events can be published and communicated to the rest of the company in few minutes. 

What’s more appealing is that this space offers an online registration feature, allowing employees to register to events themselves, ensuring flexibility and a simplified user experience. 



Welcome page

Users can find all company-related events on the page, displayed according to the most recent date. 

As shown in the image below, each event card displays the Event title, date, hour, and location.


In addition, users will be able to mark events as “favorite” by clicking on the heart icon and to add events to their Outlook calendars via the button “add to my calendar”.

This section in the middle is a content-search web part displaying events with a Tile view. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how to configure this web part on the page Content search and see all the various actions and displays that come along with it. 


If the event list is extensive, users can always use Powell 365 search capabilities.  Both the search box and the refiner facilitate the process of finding right events for users. 

As shown in the image below, you can use the search box to find desired events by simply typing the name.


This search tab is a Search Box web part. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, go to the page search box to see the configuration of this web part. 

Via the refiner, you can filter events according to the location, the start, or the end date.

These filters are configured through the Refinement web part. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how, on the page Refinement under the widgets section. 




Event details

You can click on the event that interests you and it will open a separate page with more detailed information on that event. 


The middle section with the event title, its description, and the rest of the information that comes along with it is arranged through a graph web-part. 
If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾and want to see how to configure this web part, check the page Graph under widgets.
Below the recent events section is also search web-part displaying content from other recent events. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, go to the page content-search to see the configuration of this web part. 
On top, you see a button "back to all events" which is a button web-part. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, go to the page button to see the configuration of this web part. 
Note that adding an event to a calendar is conditional on the event being advertised or the user being registering for it.

Content Management

The Contributors can create a new event directly from the page via the button "new event". However, if you are a standard user the button will not be visible to you. 
The button web-part allows contributors to perform different actions. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see the configuration of this web part on the page "button" under widgets. 
To see an article on how to create or edit an event, go to the page "How to easily create events" under the Section for Contributors. 


Search mappings needed to use this template :

Property Name : Mapped crawled properties

Location : Location (standard)

RefinableString109 : ows_PowEventDepartment

RefinableString140 : LikedBy (standard)

RefinableDate09 : ows_q_DATE_StartDate

RefinableDate04 : ows_q_DATE_EndDate

RefinableString153 : Category

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