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Employees are the company’s most valuable resources and also its best advocates. With Employee advocacy programs, a marketing team can incentivize employees to promote the company by sharing content externally via social platforms, and as a result, increase the company’s organic social presence. 

The communications page "Share on Social Media" on Powell 365 Intranet Empowers your organization with a dedicated and ready-to-run template for your employee advocacy program.

Our employee advocacy template keeps your employees better informed, aligned, and engaged in the hybrid workplace with easy and simple content access, shareability, and interactions, no matter where they are located.

It helps you to drive effective communication and content awareness through a centralized and gamified hub to leverage employee advocacy and boost employee engagement.



See the employee advocacy templates in action, through this video with our team.





On this page, you will find curated, centralized content from both internal and external communications.


The page starts with a Banner web part, with a title and its description. The banner web part is a great way to introduce your page with a beautiful display. 

If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how to configure this web part on the page Banner.



The following two web parts displaying news are both content-search web parts. With these web parts, Employees will be able to get fast access to relevant content with preselected information.

If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how to configure this web part on the page Content-search under the section widgets.

The Search Tab that you see between these two content-search web parts, is a search-box web part that will facilitate the search for specific news. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how to configure this web part on the page Searchbox


Both news web parts display Powell sharing capabilities. Under news, you can see four icons that will allow employees to share news both externally to their social media platforms and internally to Microsoft Teams. 

Employees can share content to their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages just by clicking the buttons. By clicking the Microsoft Teams button, they can share news internally with their team members or even with a specific person.


When sharing content in Teams you can choose to share content with your team members. In that case, you need to choose a team from the dropdown list, and then choose a specific channel in which you want to share the content. In the text box below, you can add additional information to your post. 

Then click Save.


You can choose to share content with someone specific. In that case, enter a name or an email address of that person, enter a text in the text box and click save.


On the last section of the page, you will also find another content-search web part with sharing capabilities. The "Top content" section displays the most popular content to the community.  With this web-part employees will always stay up-to-date as key content is shortlisted to save them time. 



Share content with images 

To share content with images, inside your Search settings, be sure to select a view allowing sharing on Social media ( Network Sharing Tiles is the perfect Search view for this ) 

Once your sharing is enabled, open your Search mapping : 

  • In your mapping, for views that allow sharing, you'll see a PublicURL/ShareUrl field.
  • This field is necessary so that sharing can also take place on the image of your content.
  • Fill it in with any value you like (OriginalSourceUrl in our example).
  • Please note! If your url is an external url, you cannot select 'pop-in' as the url behavior, as this will break the link. 

Once you're done, your content will now also display the images of your content !

                                ( Example of a Linkedin sharing with images )  

Manage content

With Powell Employee Advocacy, company employees can easily and quickly become company ambassadors. Each employee will be allowed to suggest any type of content (word, article, link…) and be part of the experience. 

On the Employee Advocacy page, employees will be able to

  • Suggest a Link
  • Suggest a document
  • Curate Suggested content

All these three buttons are button web parts, that can be configured to perform different activities. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how to configure this web part on the page Button.



Click "suggest a link", and you will be able to suggest an article through a dedicated link. You can put a title and a short description of that article.

Once you click publish, by default notification will be sent through an email to a Template owner (administrator). However, with Power Automate an organization can configure who should be notified when a user suggests content/link and where - whether it will be through an email or a notification in Microsoft Teams. 


Click "suggest a document" and you will be able to upload a file from your desktop. Then click publish. 


The button "Curate suggested content", will open up a page and display the list of all suggested content to the Template owners (for ex: the marketing team who is responsible for reviewing and validating content).

The first column will list suggested documents - the ones written by employees themselves. The second column will list suggested links - the links to the articles shared by employees. 

However, for standard users, it will only be possible to view the content they have suggested. 




Welcome page

Powell Employee advocacy template turns employee advocacy into a fun experience through gamification using achievements challenges to fulfill.

The "My achievements" section contributes to increasing the motivation and engagement of company employees through earning points and titles. 

The "My achievements" section shows employees the total points they have earned by sharing an article. The more you share, the more points you earn. 


This web-part is Gamification badges web-part. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how to configure this web part on the page Gamification badges under widgets section. 



Company Intranet leaderboard leverages  Employee advocacy through gamification and turns employees into your company’s best advocates by giving them the opportunity to become true ambassadors and influencers.

The "Go to the Leaderboard" button is also the button web-part mentioned earlier on the page. As you click on it, it will redirect you to the company Leaderboard page. 



The Leaderboard page creates a healthy competition in the community. Here you will have an overview of all actions associated with social sharing. 

The first section " Social Sharing Leaders" will list people who share the most. You can see a person's name along with the points and badges associated with each person. This web part is a Gamification Leaderboard web part. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how to configure this web part on the page Gamification Leaderboard under widgets section. 




Next, you will have an overview of your overall development and success. 

You have a "My achievement" section already discussed earlier, which displays your current level. 

The following section "Badges to win" displays the badges and points that you still have to earn. This web part is called Gamification Next badges and a similar web-part to the former. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how to configure this web part on the page Gamification Next badges under the widgets section. 

The last section is a detailed summary of your activities. It shows all the articles or links that you have shared, and the points gained for each sharing.

"My latest actions" is a Gamification latest actions web-part. This web part can be configured to display the actions of all users or the current user. If you are a Contributor 👩‍🌾, you can see how to configure this web part on the page Gamification latest actions web-part.

If you are an administrator 👩‍🏭 and you want to know how to deploy this Template on the Intranet from Powell manager, view the complete guide on the page Deploy a Template on the Intranet.

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