Your first Health's check



After the installation of the application, Powell Teams will make automatically a first health check of your Microsoft Teams environment.  Depending your Microsoft Teams activity (number of teams, conversations , users, ...), the team scan can take few minutes to few hours.

Progressively the tenant health overview data and the reports will be updated but we recommend to wait the end of the full scan (when the progress bar will disappear) to have a complete overview of the tenant.



Note: to access your administrator dashboard you need to be a Powell Teams administrator and you can get access to hit from the homepage of Powell Teams



Tenant's health overview

Understand where you are with Teams sprawl & potentially harmful teams. Powell Teams give you KPIs on standard focus topics with recommendations to have a clean environment 


to learn more about the different KPIs:  Administration Dashboard


Governance score & tips

Powell Teams helps administrators benchmark themselves according to the governance score. The score is derived from various governance data. Whether the score color displays red, yellow, or green, administrators can improve the score by setting the governance actions based on the “Governance tips“ 


to learn more about the governance score and how it is calculated: Administration Dashboard


Powell Teams reports

Powell Teams reports bring to you all details about your Microsoft Teams tenant health like the inactive teams, teams with external users or with missing owners... Reports will give you first insights about your tenant health. Powell Teams will be able to help you to solve the various topics highlighted in the Tenant Health section. 



These are few actions you can immediately take after having discovered your Teams health status

  • Change the privacy of public teams when you feel they should 
  • Teams with guests : you can contact the team owners to check that guest are still required to access those
  • Inactive teams : you can archive them with Powell Teams or contact owner to check those teams are required
  • Missing owners : you can add owners editing the team with Powell Teams


learn more about the reports: Reports


Next step

You will notice that the section Template based reports includes a lot of empty reports and it is normal.  you will learn in the next article Better control your teams with Powell Teams templates how to create template and set additional rules to your teams to better control them.

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