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Teams need updating over time - changes in settings and team information. With Powell Teams, team edition becomes very easy. To manage your teams easily and effectively, we provide a team edition page and tab which accessible from everywhere. You can constantly ensure that your teams are up to date and follow the right guidelines and governance rules.


To edit teams, you need to be a Powell teams administrator or a team owner. If you are a standard user, you can access the team information you are member of (not owner), but you will not be able to make any modifications to the team. 

You can edit your teams from everywhere: 

1. The user dashboard

Team owners can directly edit their teams from the user dashboard. To do that, click the three dots icon for each team. Then, hit the button "edit team." It will directly open the team information page - with all the information regarding the team. You can make modifications directly in the page. 

On the user dashboard, team members can also access the team information tab - but they will have read-only access. 

For more details, visit the Welcome Page. 



2. The administration Center

In the administration center, a team edition is possible from two pages. In the "Manage your Teams" section - on the page "All teams" and the "Reports" page. 



3. From a tab in a teams channel in Microsoft teams  

The Powell Teams edition tab can be also accessed in Microsoft teams as a tab in a team channel. The team information tab is a new tab that will be automatically created in the general channel in the team for newly created teams based on a Powell Teams template. You just need to add the tab through a "+" button. Team owners can directly make changes to the team information within the tab. Standard users will have read-only access.

For more details, visit the page team information tab. 



 Edit your Teams

The team edition tab is the same everywhere. Here you can find an overview of what is happening in your team. You can access a team's

1. General information: Team name, Team Description, Privacy Settings

2. Tags: The tags associated with the team

3. Template Configuration: all the templates governance rules detailed and explained to the team owners

4. The Overview of Key metrics

5. Useful Links 

6. Team membership - a list of team owners and team members

6. Team history - the team creation date and last edition date


You can change the team settings directly in this tab.

You can:

  • modify the team image
  • change the team name and description
  • choose the team privacy 
  • change the tag values from the dropdown list. You can choose different values for each tag from the dropdown list
  • archive the team
  • change the template for the team in the template configuration section
  • review members and owners
  • reappply the site design on the SharePoint site of the team

To archive a team, just click the archive button button. 


For more information about the "archive" feature and archived teams, visit the page archived teams.

Do not forget to save your modifications.


Change Template

When you edit your teams, you can apply a new template to your team. What happens in this case?

When you apply a new template to your team, Powell Teams will take the governance rules and settings existing in this chosen template and apply them to your team. 

You might ask, what would happen to all your exstinging information in your team - channels, links, members owners, etc. 

The good news is: 

When you apply a Powell Teams template on an existing team, the existing content like users, channels, tabs and documents will not be deleted. We only add the governance rules and missing content available in the Powell Teams template.

It will preserve all your previous information.
The template change can be forbiden for team owners into the template configuration.

So How does it work? 

1. In the section "template selection," select your template.

The team will import the settings from this new template. 



2. Next, you can review the new template settings in the general information section.

These settings include: 

  • Channels
  • Tabs
  • Applications
  • Additional configurations
  • Members and owners

The page will display imported channels and imported owners & members. 

Applying a new template will not delete the previously existing members & owners. It will only add members and owners appearing in the chosen template. The same goes for channels.




3. In the third step, In the "tags and team name" section, you can choose the tag values and modify the team name according to the naming convention rules existing for this template.


Keep in mind that when you change the tag values, your team name might change as well, since some of the tags can be included in the naming convention. 

Read more about the naming conventions here

Find more information about tags here.

You can find detailed information on template settings and configurations here

Do not forget to save all your settings and click "update team" once you're done making your modifications. 

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