Manage existing teams


You can access and manage all your existing teams on the page "All teams." 



On the page "All teams," you will be able to create a new team, edit your existing teams, apply a Powell Teams template to an existing team, and provide a massive update on all your teams. 

Teams are ordered alphabetically. The list displays the team visibility, the template name, and the number of team owners, members, and guests. Each team has an edit button, allowing you to make modifications to your team. To edit your team, click the three-dot icon next to each team. 


The list of "All teams" displays:

  • The team name
  • The visibility (Private/public)
  • The name of the template that is applied to a team (with direct access)
  • The number of team owners
  • The number of team members (including the potential guests)
  • The number of guests
  • The team status
  • The pencil icon to edit the team. 

Create a Team

To create a team, click the "create a team" button on top of the page and follow the instructions in the team creation form. 

To learn more about the team creation process, visit the Create a new Team page. 


Edit your teams

On this page, you can apply modifications to your teams. you can do it in several ways. You can click the three-dot icon to access the edit button or simply click the team name.

Either way, you will access the team edition tab.  You are presented with detailed information on your team in the team edition tab. You can change the team settings directly in this tab or archive the team. When a site design is associated to the template of a team, it is possible to reapply it directly from this page.


*Team edition tab is also available from the user dashboard for team owners and team administrators, and all reports page in the admin center, and from a Powell Teams tab





To find out more about how to edit your teams, visit the page Team edition. 


Massive archive.

You can archive massively your teams by following these steps :

  1. Go to the section "Teams" in the menu,
  2. Go to the page with the list of all teams. 
  3. Click on the "Bulk actions" button to open the drop-down.
  4. Select and click on "Archive".
  5. You can now select the teams you want to be archived by ticking the boxes displayed at the just left of the team name column.
  6. Then click on the next and on the archive button to finish the massive archive action.







Apply a Template on your Team/ Provide Massive Update on your teams

When you edit your teams, you can apply a new template to your team. The team will import the settings from a new template. 

Next, you can review the template settings in the general information section. The page will display imported channels and imported owners & members. Applying a new template will not delete the previously existing members & owners. It will only add members and owners appearing in the chosen template.  The same goes for channels.

When you apply a Powell Teams template on an existing team, the existing content like users, channels, tabs and documents will not be deleted. We only add the governance rules and  missing content available in the Powell Teams template.

Read more about the team edition and changing template here


Update multiple teams at once (template application)

On the page all teams, you can provide a massive update to your teams. 

Administrators can select as many teams as they want and associate a template to all these teams through the button "associate a template."  As you click the button "associate a template," you will choose a template from the list, follow the instructions and validate the change. The change will be immediately applied to all your selected teams. 


Applying a template on several teams at once will not :

- Re apply the site design of the template

- Re apply the naming convention of the template

- Reset to the date of the day, the expiration date of the template

- Update tags (the new tags will be displayed next time a user edit this team). 



Selecting all the teams with the checkbox will select all the visible teams. You can also select the entire teams of your tenant by clicking on "select all" beside this checkbox.


To update multiple teams at once and associate a template to several teams, you can use our API endpoint:

Batching this endpoint on multiple team IDs will apply a template to several teams.



When you execute a massive update, it can be a long operation to update everything depending on the team number in your batch. if you execute multiple massive updates in a short period of time, massive updates will be executed one after one. We recommend performing one big massive update than multiple small ones, if it is possible, to have the best experience and fastest execution.

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